The photo above of three handsome young brothers made it into the Association of Zoos and Aquariums 2017 calendar as the July photo. It was also in Photoshop User Magazine and the annual report for the zoo as well as for many other uses at the zoo. Getting this shot required a few hours of just waiting for them to do something photo worthy. An interesting and unusual noise behind me caused them all to sit up and take notice.
The above photo was cropped down and the middle fellow made it on to the cover of the 2016 Annual Report for the Oakland Zoo. 
The photo above was taken through two cyclone fences before the new lions were allowed out on to the exhibit. 
It was used by local television NBC and ABC affiliates. Which just goes to show that the moment, or the fact that it is the only photo available, can make it a shot that people want to see. Even though it is not a particularly good photograph by technical standards.

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